On this spot, on the night of 31 October 1981, Lily and James Potter lost their lives. Their son, Harry, remains the only wizard ever to have survived the Killing Curse. This house, invisible to Muggles, has been left in its ruined state as a monument to the Potters and as a reminder of the violence that tore apart their family.

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The life and times of James Potter and Lily Evans;

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death

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“Harry, you are so loved. Mama loves you. Dada loves you. Harry, be safe. Be strong.”

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"Yeah, I see what you mean, Remus," said a bald black wizard standing furthest back - he had a deep, slow voice and wore a single gold hoop in his ear -
"he looks exactly like James."“‘Except the eyes," said a wheezy-voiced, silver-haired wizard at the back. "Lily’s eyes."

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How can I not be upset tumblr


How can I not be upset tumblr

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things you may have forgotten because of the movies/fanon 


  • luna lovegood has dirty blonde hair (book 5, chapter 10)
  • lily potter has dark red hair (book 1, chapter 12)
  • neville longbottom has blond hair (JKR interview)
  • hermione granger has bushy hair (book 1, chapter 6)
  • james potter is tall (book 1, chapter 12)
  • at seventeen, harry potter is the same height as his father so he is also tall (book 7, chapter 34)
  • peter pettigrew is fat (book 3, chapter 10)
  • severus snape has yellow-ish teeth (book 3, chapter 14)
  • ginny weasley is fucking awesome (books 1-7)

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One thing I hate about how they cast Lily and James in the movies is they were so old. The movies barely touch on the fact that James and Lily were still barely adults. Just 21. One of the most heartbreaking parts of their death is that James spent so long fighting for Lily only to get her and die…

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I would sell my soul for a book about the Marauders. Or a short story. Or a poem. Or another sentence. 

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Around a hundred and fifty years ago, the gleaming Hogwarts Express sets off on its very first journey, ferrying hundreds of bright young witches and wizards to school

A hundred and twenty two years ago, Albus Dumbledore sits humming merrily, while little Elphias Doge knocks nervously on the…

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"They were wild youth.
Until they weren’t
She hated him.
Until she didn’t
He was a bully
Until he wasn’t.
He was abandoned
Until he wasn’t.
He was scared of himself
Until he wasn’t.
He was their friend
Until he wasn’t.
They were breathing.
Until they weren’t."  - i’m sorry. (via officialhoneydukes)

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