The Red Tour: Singapore (June 9th, 2014)

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“I think for me, when I write songs I try to stick to what I know, so I end up writing a lot of songs about my life.and things to happened to me. And I think it’s the most amazing feeling when you’ve written a song and you say exactly how you feel. Sometimes it gets complicated because sometimes you’re not just feeling one thing. Sometimes It gets chaotic in your head. And this tends to happen when you’re losing somebody or trying to forget about somebody. One time that happened to me, and I was feeling so much that I couldn’t really figure out how to say it in a song. And so I decided that maybe the best thing to do might be to just write down exactly what happened, because I remembered it all.

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Just Pedro Pascal watching Chile vs. Australia #worldcup


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Oberyn of House Martell.

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Oberyn/Ellaria + Hands (requested by anonymous)

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Pedro Pascal Explains the Ecstasy of Oberyn Martell - Making Game of Thrones 

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